The Secret Garden collection takes inspiration from our collective desire to seek comfort and inspiration in nature.

In the popular children's book Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, a spoiled young orphan is sent to a manor house in the English countryside where her discovery and revival of a secret garden sets in motion her transformation into a kind and compassionate, happy soul.

The "Secret Garden" that inspires this collection is a place of retreat and inspiration for the artist in reflection. Here, away from distraction, creative seekers open quiet avenues to explore their art, reconnect with the natural world and create work that reflects the spirit of the times.

“Secret Garden” celebrates a renewed interest in English style as seen in florals, botanicals, plaids and classic layering patterns designed to work together or individually.

English strawberries, lush painterly roses, fields of wildflowers, as well as strong geometrics and colorful abstracts are layered with timeless basics for an on-trend story for 2022.